i post music and pictures and things i like

I really should stop watching beauty videos and searching for animals to adopt and do my assignments. But I don’t wannnnna

I haven’t slept well all week and I am so freaking tired and I’m just laying in bed not sleeping and I am angry as a result wahh.

I’ve reached the point of procrastination where I think cutting the wicks on all of my candles and wearing my retainer for the first time in six months seem like extremely beneficial things to do.

I also bought Chet Faker tickets. Soz bank account, you’re welcome heart.

I just bought the watch of my dreams. My bank account is weeping but my heart is happy.

hessjouston asked fav melb activities ?!..

Hmm I’d say head to both parts of the NGV, Top Arts just started which should be cool. Head to a rooftop bar/cafe/restaurant and have a look through the laneways. Have a stroll through the botanic gardens. And if you are visiting try and head to Dejour Jeans in Brunswick. I absolutely can’t live without mine! They’re made in Melbourne, they’re cheap and they alter them to fit you, so gr8.

Today from TopShop I got a lipstick and blush for $7. Oh yeah

Cant sleep ever pls halp


This made me emotional.